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WAHL GUIDE #1-1/2 BEIGE 3/16"

WAHL GUIDE #1-1/2 BEIGE 3/16"

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WAHL GUIDE #1-1/2 BEIGE 3/16"

The "WAHL GUIDE #1-1/2 BEIGE 3/16"" is a precision clipper guide designed to assist with hair cutting and grooming tasks. With a length of 3/16", this guide is ideal for achieving medium-length cuts and creating uniform hair lengths. The beige color helps differentiate it from other guides in your collection, allowing for easy identification during use. Crafted with durability and precision in mind, this guide ensures consistent and reliable performance with each use.

Compatible with select Wahl clippers, it securely attaches to the clipper for seamless operation. Whether you're a professional barber or grooming at home, the WAHL GUIDE #1-1/2 BEIGE 3/16" is an essential tool for achieving precise and professional-looking haircuts.
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